Thursday, September 11, 2008

The b!te of real!ty

If everything u wish for...zzzzzaps to life....u wldnt ask for more.Movin' out ov my sheltered and protected den has never and shall never ever come easy for me.The ocean might be calm at the top but you cant predict the intensity of the ripples beneath..In the bat of an eyelid, I was where I always wanted to be..Like I said, I cldnt ask for more. And with this change, I embarked on a new where I made mistakes but had nobody to correct them for me like in the past...
With a zillion things to juggle...the only place that I found solace was in the company of new homo sapiens whom I met every new day. Good , weird , smart, confused, visionary, hardworking...all sorts of homo sapiens... I wanted to carve my niche but before that I wanted to find my new comfort zone. Strange enough, a f**ked up person could come to your rescue. How , when and most importantly WHY... I have no answer for these questions, but I met this homo sapien and then is when I realised that my journey just started and the only words that escape my lips now are - "oh shit , I didnt see all this coming"

Wonder y I strtd bloggin' o.O

Well...there are mainly two reasons for me to start blogging.....Very much like my own self , other fellow homo sapiens fail to prove themselves as competent ears for all that I got to talk , yell n scream about , day in and day blogging is a way to Xpress all that I have to atleast I dont have any hopes...even in the deepest corner of my heart for any kind of be in sync with technology
In terms of english literature , writing a diary has been a part of my lexicon since I can remember..So a couple of days back, when I was staring at the 'whiteness' of my room's ceiling the thought of technologizing the habit of my diary writing struck me...and so here I am blogging in the midst of my so quite and peaceful sem break....