Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wonder y I strtd bloggin' o.O

Well...there are mainly two reasons for me to start blogging.....Very much like my own self , other fellow homo sapiens fail to prove themselves as competent ears for all that I got to talk , yell n scream about , day in and day blogging is a way to Xpress all that I have to atleast I dont have any hopes...even in the deepest corner of my heart for any kind of be in sync with technology
In terms of english literature , writing a diary has been a part of my lexicon since I can remember..So a couple of days back, when I was staring at the 'whiteness' of my room's ceiling the thought of technologizing the habit of my diary writing struck me...and so here I am blogging in the midst of my so quite and peaceful sem break....

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