Friday, October 31, 2008

Searching fr bonds...naming evry relation

tried and tried answer 
this is my state when it comes to defining bonds with human beings
its thr deep inside me , hw much evr i try i cnt change , amend alter or destroy it.
why shld every bond be tagged...but i feel the need to do it or shld i say i jz do it
it bcums tortures...why the hell shld i go arnd naming evry thing thts between me and another person.....why cnt it be as simple as it is ....y the f*** i end up complicating the whole thing 

Monday, October 27, 2008

Loadz ov disconnected things

yipeee holiday tmrw...damn why do I hate holidays so mch O.o or do i love 'em
dunno..i love thm cz i gt to sleep lyk 16-18 state ov aestivation (u cnt really hibernate in sg) but simultaneously hate 'em cz i dnt hv mch stuff to do...sighhhhhh
like ppl ask - "are u kinda demented ?"
my answer - no, i'm not . I am a workaholic and its not cz ov my current state ov being in my coccon...I've always been like this and no matter what, i cnt and wnt change.
gosh,i didnt realise....i hv a business law assignmnt and tutorial due and the one i did wasnt needed to be dealt wif at this point of time...darn 
this weekend i really wasted time or like ppl say chilled out and relaxed...hmm
exactly a year ago, lots of things happened...cant really write abt 'em all bt loads of things happened(takes a deep breath)
i was in bugis yday.....fooling arnd as usual, when i saw arjun...wt a small world it is..
looked cute as (another deep breath)
i slept fr like 16 arnd hrs today...wao felt gud bt now wide awake...thts y m scribbling in
clue to my schedule...whenever i scribble means m dying of boredom and m jobless
i finally gt in touch with munchkin aftr such a loooong time...i ws missing him soo my munchkin...god bless our frndship
mrids planning to cum to sg fr her undergrad..i hate to be- your guide to admission in sg
f**k, cnt u do sumthing as simple as tht all by urslf
the floor seems to be dead,its almost pin drop silence....wonder whr evrybdy points fr guessing must be saving water by living on alcohol in sum corner of sg or gambling playing poker or flash..wateva
m workaholic bt tht doesnt mean u can treat me like a mule
i wrk my ass off fr peanuts, no actually nt evn tht..i hv a threshold n now it is it
ppl r getting a taste of my agitation and it will continue fr a while...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Desperate birds and bees...bzzz

For the sake of more weird can they get ???
At times its better to stand at the shore rather then plunging into uncertain waters 
Why....coz thats whats right for you at the moment.
After spending a substantial amount of time on the shore, all that i have to say is that " i'm lovin' it" m sitting in mcd, you see )
But on a serious note , u'll love it too .
You laugh when people mess up , you get to learn to learn from their errors and you get to wet your toes too....
ooopppssss........m degreasing from the point
so like the title fellow homo sapiens seem to be damn damn desperate and tht too for what....***
c'mon fellas...its not the end to the world....grow up
how bloody materialistic can you possibly it day by day, moment by moment
dont rush....again dont rush
in someone's words - " i cldn't sleep on my bed alone"
k fine, i agree it happens but that doesnt mean.....
i dunno wt to say..its hw u see may be
the extremities of life hand ppl dont have partners while on the other others change partners like movies change every friday in bollywood
its strange that i was living in such a cocoon....bloody times i really wonder..o.O
where do i come from....which world was i living in.....there's nothing wrong, nothing right and defining your rights and wrongs doesnt come easy in this jumbled,complicated and messed up world......

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The brkdwn ov my lyf in last 12 months !! can ??? Seriously I dont can
The last one yr spent in lah ~ lah land, is categorised sem wise.
When I look back and trace the past events,I always see it sem wise as if its my progress report..LOL
Each sem's brought with it some good and some bad but loads of lessons, consistently...
umm...the next few posts are gonna be me and my sem'd lyf...weird