Saturday, November 15, 2008

The GAP and the transitions....

Its not the GAP store.....but the gap created in everybody's life at some point of time or maybe at every point of/in time.
You can't leave the windows bare....u need curtains, u can't leave the vases empty...they need can't stay alone you need someone in your life..
you have your parents, your friends and most importantly why the gap ???
Dunno abt ppl, but i consider myself too young to get into a relationship...i agree its not the right time but the point is, that beyond a limit,I can't do anything about it. Its goes way beyond my control. I won't term it abstinence, but just trying to stay away from what I think I can't handle NOW. 
Its valid also, for if it had to happen it would have happened in the past or maybe sometime now.......but it didnt. I have to accept things, the way they are.
Its cool how ppl are able to mk successful transistions.....I can too and deep down inside I want to buuttt its sheer stupidity to push myself in the ocean, whose depth I can't gauge and moreover when I can't swim. 
Before the gap widens....I better get back home......

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