Monday, November 10, 2008

Random actz of Kindness

It was pouring cats and dogs....or like Alz says " no lah...its jz raining heavily"
I dnt mean to sound like a racist but its my general observation that ppl of my ethnicity , dnt like touching the umbrella...only when the clouds burst wide open....then we opt fr an umbrella ;)
I was coming home frm college later the afternoon today, when it strtd to drizzle.
The usual lazy me , I didnt feel the need to use an umbrella. Just as I was about to cross the road, a gal came running towards me and asked me to share her umbrella with her.
I dont know who she , where she coming from and where she in the world can I share the umbrella with her ????
But before I could even say anything , I found myself sharing the umbrella.
I tried making a conversation with her and voila......she was DMS 1st sem living in the same place and also the same block as me. 
She wasn't ready to leave cz she was worried I wld get worried.I literaly had to force her to leave giving her the assuarence that I won't get wet.....
Why she did that, I don't know......but damn, it touched my heart :))

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