Sunday, March 22, 2009

Help me ..... I dont look anything like a metro :(

Here I am, cuddled up in my quilt,watching Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav, explaining his stand on the issue of count of seats for his party to contest in Bihar. 
Man, what has Varun Gandhi got himself into......." this is not a hand but a lotus that can cut off your necks" Mr. Rajnath Desai says - elections brings out the worst of our politicians. but wait, is Varun Gandhi a politician even.....huh !!
I look outside the glass windows and see shanty buildings literally breathing their last breaths, clothes flowing with the warn air of the city, adourning all the city roof's. Narrow lanes with hideous infrastructure and the's or should I say taxi's that are even more hideous , more of a disaster.
I am in another metro of the nation and trust me - it sux :(
hahaha.........i luv this episode of The Great Indian Tamasha :)
Behind the heavy embroidered silk curtains of 4 and 5 stars....there lies the shameful truth of this city. Undraw the curtains and u'll know.
C'mon ....look at Del, Mum,Blr,Hyd.......gosh!! this happens when you spend too much of time on d uncomfortable , squeaky and butt aching chairs of d airports...
In your political tussle , seat stealing/ snatching and throwing TATA out of the have lost out on the essence of what really was needed. Do something about this city man.....go do something.
Let's start with the roads......where do you drive ????
Where do You find some decent space amidst shops that have outgrown themselves onto the streets and trams....those yucckkyyy, disgraceful and ancient yellow tins plying up and down on the main roads of this city. 
You are already disgusted enough with all this but then something gets into you and you hit that button and your power windows squeak down giving you the the uber avoidable sight....the sight of the city's buildings. 
Warning - Dont sneeze, when around any of these structures ;)
Thank goodness, I fly away from this shit hole tomorrow....wonder what would have happened to moi....had I been here for over a day.

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